These are the people that I have been fortunate enough to be supervised by and collaborate with on a variety of projects and study systems. Links to their websites are provided for further information on their work.


Loeske Kruuk circle
Prof Loeske Kruuk (The Australian National University)

Loeske is an evolutionary ecologist with expertise in quantitative genetics of wild populations. Loeske is a leader on the multi-trait plasticity project, where we are investigating adaptive and evolutionary potential of phenotypic plasticity across plant traits.

Adrienne Nicotra circle

Prof Adrienne Nicotra (The Australian National University)

Adrienne is a plant evolutionary ecologist with research interests in comparative biology, ecophysiology, and plasticity. Adrienne is a leader on the multi-trait plasticity project, where we are investigating the adaptive and evolutionary potential of phenotypic plasticity across many functional plant traits.

Prof Craig White (Monash University)         

Craig White circleCraig is an evolutionary physiologist who studies the causes and consequences of physiological variation, especially body size and metabolic rate. I conducted my Honours project and PhD primarily under Craig’s supervision at UQ, and these experiences shaped my early research interests. At Monash, I worked with Craig on a meta-analysis and assisting with projects as a research assistant.

Keyne Monro circle

Dr Keyne Monro (Monash University)

Keyne is a marine evolutionary ecologist who aims to predict the evolutionary consequences of environmental change in the ocean. I worked with Keyne as a research assistant to establish the Monro lab at Monash and set up experimental systems.

Karyn Johnson circle

Dr Karyn Johnson (The University of Queensland) 

Karyn is a molecular virologist who studies the interactions between viruses and their insect hosts. Karyn co-supervised my Honours project and has been a collaborator on several interesting projects stemming from this work.

Phill Cassey circle

A/Prof Phill Cassey (The University of Adelaide)

Phill is an applied ecologist who studies global change biology, focusing on invasion pathways and wildlife conservation. Phill co-supervised my PhD, particularly with data analyses and aspects of invasion biology. We are also collaborating on a meta-analysis of metabolic rate and fitness.

Gimme Walter circle

Prof Gimme Walter (The University of Queensland)

Gimme is an applied entomologist and ecologist who studies the autecology of species to understand their distribution, movement, and management for pest species. Gimme co-supervised my PhD, providing much wisdom on my study species and its ecology.

Andrew Hayes circle.pngDr Andrew Hayes (The University of the Sunshine Coast)

Andrew is a chemical ecologist who studies the compounds and signals produced by insects to develop solutions to protect horticulture and forestry crops. In 2011-2012 I completed an internship with Andrew and the Forest Health Division of what is now the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.


Dr Lesley Alton (Monash University)

Julian Beaman (University of Queensland)

Dr Steven Delean (University of Adelaide)

Dr Rokhsareh Malekpour (University of Queensland)

Dr Aleksej Stevanovic (Medicus, Norway)